ECM Toolbox

ECM Toolbox

Our ECM Toolbox can be used to program our ARKTIC 59 and ICE 59 motors in your lab and create programs to be used with the ECM Factory programmer so that you may program the ARKTIC 59 or ICE 59 in your factory. Additionally, it can used to generate a PWM signal for lab testing of the ICE 59 and ICE 142. For ICE 59 and ICE 142 models equipped with a Digital Serial Interface, the ECM Toolbox can be used to generate communication strings for commanding the motors.

Our Windows based programming software, compatible with both XP and Vista operating systems, allows you to create programs in your laboratories, program motors on your manufacturing lines, and reprogram motors when retrofitting shaded pole and permanent-split capacitor motors to match airflow.

The ECM Toolbox can be used to program ARKTIC 59 and ICE 59 motors at your facility to optimize airflow and system efficiency. Additionally, the ECM Toolbox can be used to control either PWM or Digital Serial Interface configured ICE 59 and ICE 142 motors for your lab testing.

  • Built-in pulse width modulator (PWM) to control the speed of PWM enabled ICE 59 and ICE 142 motors to help facilitate testing in your labs
  • Create digital serial interface (DSI) communication strings in our proprietary AirKom protocal for commanding DSI equipped ICE 59 or ICE 142 motors. These communication strings can be arranged in Macros using the ECM Toolbox; which can then be downloaded to your system controller for use in your product
  • Calculate and display motor efficiency and input power (DSI equipped ICE 59)
  • Graphically displays motor output (speed & duty cycle)
  • Read BlakBox data to show powered hours, motor run life, total run time over 80% max rated torque, total time in cutback region, total starts, shaft watts of last command output, and bus voltage of last command output (for DSI enabled ICE 59)
  • Set the number of operating points for ARKTIC 59
  • Set the RPM for each operating point for ARKTIC 59
  • Set the rotation for each operating point for ARKTIC 59
  • Change the operating type for ICE 59 (discrete speed, variable speed, or DSI)
  • Set the turn on and turn off RPM, as well as the direction of rotation, for ICE 59 with the PWM operating type



Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of motor data and cross reference information. Design changes may result in different operating characteristics or dimensional changes from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, Fasco cannot accept responsibility for the ultimate selection. For additional information, please contact Fasco.