A/C Motors

A/C Motors

3.3" Dia. Shaded Pole

3000-1600 RPM, 2-4 Pole 1/50 to 1/5 H.P.
Applications: small room heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, fans, submersible pumps, blowers, etc.

3.3" Dia. PSC

3200-1050 RPM, 2-6 Pole 1/40 to 1/3 H.P.
Applications: pumps, copy machines, medical and dental equipment, office machines, computer equipment and appliances.

3.3" Dia. Specialty Motors

Split Phase, 3 Phase, Vibrator Synchronous and Hubless Fan Drive.
Applications: portable heaters, therapeutic appliances, variable speed applications, evaporator coil fans

4.4"/4.5" Dia. Motors

Shaded Pole and Permanent Split Capacitor 1/20 to 1/4 H.P.
Applications: compressors, room air conditioners, and heating ventilating equipment and pumps.

5.1" Dia. Motors

Shaded Pole and Permanent Split Capacitor 1/25 to 1/2 H.P.
Applications: air conditioners, heat pumps, industrial fans, outdoor condenser fans, compressors, pumps

BLDC Motors & Kits

Electronically Commutated 2-Phase Half Drive, 1/30 to 1/4 H.P.
Applications: machine drives, office equipment, copiers, gear mechanisms, fans or blowers, etc.

C-Frame, Shaded Pole

1/400 to 1/25 H.P.
Applications: fans, gas furnace draft inducers, microwave ovens, humidifiers, aquarium pumps, copy machines, vending machines, etc.

Optional Features

Terminal Board Motors, Lead Termination Options, Mounting Options, 2.5"/3.5" Switch Motors.
Applications: custom interface and mounting to accommodate unique OEM product configurations.



Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of motor data and cross reference information. Design changes may result in different operating characteristics or dimensional changes from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, Fasco cannot accept responsibility for the ultimate selection. For additional information, please contact Fasco.