16-25 Watt PSC External Capacitor Unit Bearing Motor

16-25 Watt PSC External Capacitor Unit Bearing Motor

Our PSC external capacitor unit bearing motors are primarily used in commercial refrigeration applications, both evaporator and condenser, but can be used in any application demanding dependability with output ratings between 16 – 25 watts.

With over 60 years of experience our patented unit bearing motors provide our customers with years of durable, problem-free operation. Our PSC has twice the efficiency and is significantly quieter than our shaded pole motor. Utilizing an integrally-mounted capacitor results in a component unit that provides you with a direct mechanical interchangeability with our shaded pole unit bearing motors and requires no additional wiring connections.

  • Voltage: 115 or 230 V
  • Output: 14 – 25 watts
  • Efficiency: ~45% peak
  • Speed Range: 1350 – 1550 RPM
  • Speeds: 1
  • Rotation: CW, CCW, or reversible (determined from the lead end of the motor)
  • Type: 3.3” PSC cast iron frame unit bearing
  • Shaft: ¼” x 20 thread is standard. Optional features include flatted end, smooth end, and 5/16’ diameter shaft
  • Enclosure: Aluminum or Cast Iron (totally enclosed)
  • Bearing: Unit bearing
  • Bearing Oil: (ISO grades 15, 32, or 68) high quality paraffinic based oil selected for excellent oxidation resistance, wear protection, protection against rust and corrosion, and resistance to foaming. Also available, an oil with optimum flow characteristics at sub-sero temperatures. (ISO grades 10/15 or 68) synthetic diester-based lubricant formulated to offer extended lubrication over a wide temperature range and minimize wear.
  • Mounting: Five .150” diameter cored holes on rear (alumimum only), three #8-36 tapped through holes (cast iron only), and optional 1 side mounting boss for pedestal mounting
  • Operating Position: Horizontal shaft (+/- 15°), optional all-angle, or vertical shaft up
  • Leads: Standard 18 gauge, 2 conductor. Lead cord may be terminated with 1/2” stripped wire, in-house molded plugs, eyelets, ¼” quick connects, or special terminals. Other customized lead options are available.
  • Capacitor: External
  • Storage Temps: -40 to 80° C ambient (depends on selected oil)
  • Operating Temps: -40 to 55° C ambient (depends on selected oil)
  • Design Life: 12 years, 100,464 hours on time (based on normal evaporator operating conditions)



Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of motor data and cross reference information. Design changes may result in different operating characteristics or dimensional changes from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, Fasco cannot accept responsibility for the ultimate selection. For additional information, please contact Fasco.