Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal Blowers

Single Blower Single Inlet Standard Centrifugal 30 to 50 CFM.

Applications: furnace draft inducers, water heater venters, pellet stove inducers, space heating convection blowers, deep fat fryers, pizza ovens, pool heaters, boilers, down draft ranges.

Double Blower Double Inlet Standard Centrifugal 55 to 310 CFM.

Applications: air to air heat exchangers, air cleaners, space heating, food warmers, space heater convection, air curtains, radon elimination.

Low-Profile Cross-Flow Blowers 55 to 215 CFM.

Applications: solid fuel convection blowers, gas space heater convection blowers, electronic cooling, food warming cabinets.

Hign Efficiency Blower (HEB)

Applications: HVAC appliances such as furnaces, fan coil units, air handlers, ground source heat pumps, etc. General air moving where low energy usage is important.


Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of motor data and cross reference information. Design changes may result in different operating characteristics or dimensional changes from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, Fasco cannot accept responsibility for the ultimate selection. For additional information, please contact Fasco.